Gardening Tips For December


Garden Tips For December [K. Hichisson, LGC Chair.]

It does not seem possible to that another year is over and we have put the garden to bed
for winter. When it is wet and cold outside it is often better to keep off the garden as much
as possible and start a new gardening year in January. You can always enjoy the fruits of
your labours and sit down and plan your garden for the coming year. In the mean time you
can brighten up the inside if the house with traditional pot plants.

At this time of year thousands of pot plants are being sold. The sad thing is that many of
them will not last till Christmas nevermind into the New Year. Poinsettias are a traditional
plant at Christmas with red, pink or white bracts. Poinsettias require a warmer temperature
than most pot plants and there is nothing worse than seeing Poinsettias on a market stall
on a cold frosty morning. Even a walk from our shop door to the car can be sufficient to kill
them on a cold day if unprotected. When you get them home, they should be kept warm
and do not over water.

Cyclamen are plants that seem to give people a lot of problems. When you go to buy a
Cyclamen choose a plant with plenty of buds to come. Place in a well lit spot away from
radiators. Water when the plant just starts to wilt but make sure that the compost is dry
and not wet. Water from above but try not to get any water on the leaves or in the crown.
Something to mention at this point is not to stand pot plants on a window sill at night even with double glazing because when the curtains are drawn the gap between the curtains and the glass can get very cold.

Azaleas are a little different than most pot plants with watering. Most pot plants do not like
to be stood in water but this is the best way to water Azaleas. When the compost dries out
plunge the whole pot in a bucket of water until the bubbles stop rising, let the pot drain on
the draining board then place back in position. With a little care your pot plants will last well into the New Year. Finally I wish all the members a very Merry and a healthy New Year.

1. Start pruning Apples and Pears

2. Cut back bush roses by half to reduce wind wobble and do the final pruning in

3. If we have snow knock it off trees and shrubs as soon as possible to reduce
branches breaking under the weight.

4. Dead head pansies and cyclamen to encourage continual flowering.

5. If you are having a live Christmas tree whether cut off or potted, bring inside as
soon as possible and take outside as soon as you can to reduce needle drop.

6. Do not over water pot plants. The rule of thumb is if the soil feels wet leave alone
and if dry water. Check on a daily basis until you see how quickly they dry out.

7. Clear snow off lawns and paths and leave on borders.

8. Feed wild birds.

9. Plant trees and shrubs if the ground is not to wet or frozen.

10. When the weather is bad sit back in the chair with nice glass of red wine and think about what changes you are going to make in the garden next year.


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