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July 2021 – Visit to Peter and Lynne Williams Wildlife Garden

Wildlife garden (2)

March 21-2

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Summer is here in full force

Jpeg JpegJpeg  Jpeg

Some examples of winter colour

Pic 1Pic 2Cotoneaster Praecox                                   Sarcococca Confusa

Pic 3Pic 5Pyracantha “Orange Glow”                          Helleoborus Orientalis “Abel Carriere”

Pic 6Pic 4Chimonanthus Praecox “Grandiflora”          Callicapa Bodiniari “Profusion”

Some of our Club Visits in 2014

Woburn Abbey – August 2014

Wobourn 1  Wobourn 3  Wobourn 2

Hyde Hall – September 2014

Hyde Hall 3      Hyde Hall 1

Hyde Hall 4      Hyde Hall 2

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