Garden Tips for April

By Keith Hichisson
This is the time of year to sort the lawn out. I managed to
treat my lawn with feed, weed and moss killer in the middle
of March. This is early but as the winter and spring have
been so mild I am sure I will get away with it. In about a
month I will be scarifying the lawn (rake out the dead grass
and moss) and getting ready to over sow with more seed to
fill up the bare patches. Hopefully I will finally be able to get
a decent front lawn.
All weeds and moss in the garden have not stopped growing
so these also need tackling before they take over and
compete for water, light and nutrients. There is a lot to be
said with the old saying “one year seeding, seven years
weeding”. Chickweed (Stellaria media) seed will remain
viable for many years in the soil; if you are over run with
chickweed you can either put some in a salad or feed the
budgies, chickens and other birds. Don’t forget to keep the
weeds down round spring flowering bulbs. Also feed and
water them so they keep growing to build up the bulbs to
flower next spring and allow them to die down naturally.

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