10 Jobs for February

10 Jobs For February
1. Buy your seed potatoes and chit them ready
to plant from mid-March.
2. Cover peaches and nectarines with fleece to
reduce peach leaf curl and frost damage.
3. Plant bulbs such as snowdrops in the green
(when they are growing) as they are more
likely to grow.
4. This year cut the lawn with the blades set as
high as possible on a day when the grass is
dry. I have never known a year when the
grass is still growing in Dec!
5. Plant onion sets and shallots on previously
prepared ground when the surface is dry
enough to rake over and get a fine tilth.
6. If you have a greenhouse start sowing
bedding plants ready to prick out when large
enough to handle.
7. Sow broad beans if the soil conditions are
8. Dead head winter bedding such as Pansies
and Primroses to prolong flowering.
9. Finish pruning bush apples and pears.
10. Use winter wash on fruit trees to kill off any
over wintering pest eggs.

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