Garden Tips for March

Garden Tips For March…….By Keith Hichisson
I finally managed to get my lawn cut the other day. Due to the mild, wet weather we have just had I found the lawn was full of moss which will need to be treated soon. Normally you would not expect to put any weed, feed and moss killer treatment on the lawn until April but as the weather has been so mild I think it will be OK mid-March.
After using weed, feed and moss killer on the lawn there is likely to be bare patches that will need reseeding. You will need to leave the lawn for at least a month after the treatment has been applied before sowing. If you reseed before using weed and moss killer you will not be able to use the treatment for six months. You can still use lawn feed even on newly sown grass.
Also due to the mild wet winter other parts of the garden have suffered, the damp has caused many alpines and perennials to rot. After leaving seed potatoes to chit you can start to plant them from the middle of the month, when the soil is in suitable condition to work.

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